What is bitcoin?

You can find our short definition and a 1-minute video on the top of our opening page.

What is blockchain?

The block chain is a public record in chronological order, which stores Bitcoin transactions . The block chain is shared between all Bitcoin users.

What is fiat money?

Fiat money is a currency established as money by government regulation or law.

E-wallet vs. hardware wallet

Bitcoin wallets have been developed for users for storing private keys to bitcoin address access. There are several e-wallet, online wallet and hardware wallet types. From a security point of view maybe the most reassuring solution is hardware wallet. Hardware wallets differ from online wallets, as their name suggests, in that they are not virtual wallets. They are tangible, physical devices. The best known brands are Trezor and Ledger.

What is hash rate?

The hash rate measures how powerful a Bitcoin miner's machine is. Specifically, it measures the number of times a hash function can be computed per second. The miner's expected profit is directly proportional to the hash rate. – This is the simplified version of the explanation. Unfortunately it takes a crypto-mining expert to understand it. And the closer look we take, the more mathematical and computing related term come up which does not make it easier to comprehend the notion of hash rate. So, we vote for the simple definition. But, for those, who are dying to find out more, here’s a link that points to the scientific approach: https://www.quora.com/What-does-Bitcoin-hash-rate-mean

How to register on the coinbase website?

We have run into some real useless attempts that called themselves guides.We have made a guide in this topic and we can guarantee that this is the best available guide. You can read it here: How To Create a Coinbase Account

What is cloud mining?

If you are looking for a brief definition you can find on the top of our opening page. If you want some more details we recommend our longer article: Cloud Mining

Why should I, or shouldn’t I, mine on my own?

We sat down with a genuine expert with real experience to talk about this and find answers to all the questions. You can find our summary in this article: Mining on your own. 

What is CryptoGold?

If you have questions regarding CryptoGold we hope you find answers to all of them in this article: Cloud Mining.


You have set up your coinbase account and you want to use it to make an investment at CryptoGold? Read our article on how to do it.


A Bitfinex a legnagyobb Bitcoin kereskedési platform 2014. óta. Az iFinex Inc. tulajdonában van.


A Tether egy szabályozatlan kripto-valuta. Szoros kapcsolatban áll a Bitfinex-szel. A Tether Limited szerint minden egységnyi Tether mögött egy amerikai dollár fedezet van, amely a Tether Limited-nél van letétbe helyezve.


The crypto-market is often characterised by volatility. It refers to the lack of predictability of exchange rate changes. The more frequently the direction of change in the value of a currency occurs, and the more unpredictable the direction and the rate of change is, the higher volatility we talk about.