Buying and Holding

You buy Bitcoin and you just hold it, hold it and hold it for years.


This solution is for those who simply do not want to be left out of the financial revolution of our present and future.

You can become a Bitcoin owner by following the steps below (this is just one of the many ways).

  1. you open an account, e.g. on, which is the market-leading service provider in the world. (our detailed guide on how to create a Coinbase account: here)
  2. depending on how much you are planning to invest, you place the desired sum on your account: using your debit/credit card (monthly limit: 300€) or you can send a SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) € transfer. SEPA is nothing more than a cross-border Euro bank transfer. Standard procedure, available in every bank in the EU. If you use a card the transaction is completed immediately, via bank transfer it takes 1 or 2 days.
  3. when your payment arrives (you are notified via mail), all you have to do is convert the given sum from your € account to your Bitcoin account (you can also find it in our article: How To Create A Coinbase Account).
  4. after that you sit back and wait.
  5. Coinbase devoted a lot of attention and invested a lot in security and user capital protection. In addition, your account is also insurance-protected at Coinbase. If you prefer to keep your investment offline (meaning not on your account) there are several available solutions. We recommend, based on our personal experience, Ledger Nano S (presented in the video below). We are perfectly satisfied with it.