Solve a puzzle, win a Bitcoin

How could you make a puzzle challenge more exciting than hiding in the puzzle the private key to a wallet that contains 1 BTC?

26 hours ago, Reddit user Cryptogreetings published a post. There is an image embedded in the post and whoever solves the puzzle in the image will have access to a wallet with 1 BTC.

This is the link to the reddit post:

For a real puzzle enthusiast it is the challenge itself that works as a motivating factor. However, the 1 BTC trophy makes it more exciting and obviously multiplies the number of interested players. Who wouldn’t like to win 1 Bitcoin by figuring out what the ciphered message hidden in an image is?

Comments started to flow as soon as the post got out. Reports of failed efforts and hours of research without any tangible results show that it is not a one-minute riddle. But the bounty will definitely keep a lot of players in the game in spite of the first few hours of failure.

At the time of posting the image, the author has not given any more useable clues than the image itself. All that Cryptogreetings added as a hint was that the “treasure” was actually “at plain sight.” Later on, Cryptogreetings mentioned in another comment that perhaps they would post more clues in the future.

“I’m better equipped to sell a kidney for $9k,” said user ChipAyten, referring to the level of complexity of the challenge.

More than a thousand comments have been written so far. Users have been posting theories, discussing possible paths that may lead to the solution. One of the theories is that the key to the enigma is the seed of the wallet. Since there are lots of complete words in the image, many users agree with this idea. Others insist that it is the private key that they have to decipher from the image. And there is a group of users who believe that the solution is based on color.

This is not the first, and clearly not the last such puzzle in the ether.

It’s amazing how the blockchain technology reaches areas, like art, that would not have anything to do with technology, anyway. Jose Antonio Lanz writes in his post on “The use of art pieces with prizes in Bitcoin became famous thanks to an artist who tweeted an image of a puzzle within a beautiful painting /years ago/” The painting was a puzzle with a hidden key to 4.87 Bitcoin. “It was so difficult that it took three years of dedicated forums, and user communities working hand in hand to decipher it”, adds Lanz.

No doubt, human creativity knows no boundaries.

After more than 24 hours the Cryptogreetings puzzle has still no winner, the prize is still out there, available for anyone who comes up with the solution. Good luck!




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