A review of four of the top crypto-currency wallets

We all want to make sure we store our crypto investment in the best, mostly meaning, safest place. But there are other important aspects, too. came out with a summary presenting their top four wallets. Let’s take a look at what makes a crypto wallet really good.



A lot of users agree that the NAGA WALLET is undoubtedly the best crypto-currency wallet, mostly because it makes it possible to spectacularly simplify everything that makes crypto storage and crypto trading so complicated.

NAGA supports more than 1,200 crypto-currencies, and what’s outstanding is that it supports crypto-to-email transactions. Its most important advantage is that it eliminates the need for complicated private keys. NAGA WALLET users can both send and receive crypto by simply using a previously registered email address.

On top of that, NAGA can boast with some of the lowest fees, also offering the advantage of zero fees on internal transactions.

“NAGA WALLET is also an ICO hub” – says It means that participation in token sales is as easy as possible. “It also offers real-time token price information, instant transactions, and a built-in exchange — allowing users to internally convert crypto-currencies with just a few clicks. /…/ Hands down, when it comes to functionality, no wallet tops NAGA WALLET.”



Bitcoinist rates Coinbase as the second best wallet available.

Coinbase’s most powerful feature is its ease of use. Its interface is clear, even for beginners. Anybody with zero computer skills can make their first crypto purchase. highlights Coinbase’s security: “It’s also one of the most secure hot wallets in existence, with users’ USD funds being completely insured by the FDIC. 2-Step Verification, Google Authenticator support, and the ability to Vault large amounts of funds also help users keep some peace of mind.”

As an extra feature, users can move their crypto to Coinbase’s sister exchange, GDAX, for free. However, from the point of view of the range of crypto-currencies, Coinbase’s 4 options (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash) doesn’t suit the serious cryptocurrency trader’s needs.



This is how summarizes its main features briefly:

“GreenAddress is a robust and private wallet which offers an extensive list of benefits. GreenAddress may be safely accessed from anywhere, including public WiFi, thanks to watch-only logins for quick balance and transaction checking. All access is controlled by one mnemonic phrase, transactions are instantaneous, keys can easily be swept for imported coins, two-factor authentication is supported, and a GreenAddress signature is required to move coins. Users may also set transaction limits and restrictions and create backup keys.”

What may also be important is that user secrets are never transmitted to GreenAddress’ servers, nor are they stored unencrypted on users’ devices. GreenAddress’ service stores only the necessary minimal information. From a privacy point of view, GreenAddress is a wise choice.



Not everybody can afford, or wants to spend a lot on, expensive hardware wallets. MyEtherWallet is a highly rated paper wallets. You can simply generate your own wallet online and write down your private keys. The website does not store any private information, and they do not transfer any, either. For those whose number one priority is security and privacy, MyEtherWallet offers a downloadable wallet that can be run offline.

It’s important to note that using paper wallets requires a certain level of crypto investor experience, therefore it is not recommended for those who are new to this field.


Wherever you go, whoever you ask, you may get a different wallet toplist, but if you are looking for a wallet solution or if you wonder whether what you are currently using is a good choice, from this selection you can make a list of the most important features that make a crypto wallet a secure, practical, wise choice.




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