DealShaker is aiming to reshape the industry

With millions of members from all over the world, OneLife Network (OLN) has become one of the largest direct-sales networks in the world in recent years. As the pilot version of OLN’s new e-commerce platform, DealShaker is gaining popularity, the company states that their aim is to reshape the industry. OLN launched the new advertising platform on February 16th 2017. DealShaker is unique in many ways but what makes it outstanding and innovative is to allow users to accept OneCoin (ONE) cryptocurrency as payment for products and services. The initial merchant and product/service registrations started in January 2017.

All registered DealShaker users become part of the global OneLife Network, and they also gain access to a network with over 3 million users. It means that everyone can advertise their businesses and products to a global market. The purpose of the DealShaker platform is to enable customer-to-customer and business-to-customer deal promotions in price combinations of OneCoins (ONE) and cash. The selection of offers is huge: entertainment and hobby, travel, health and personal services, food and beverage, accessories, decoration, appliances and a lot more.

This is a newly opened market with a pool of millions of potential customers, integrating a unique pricing model invented and applied exclusively by the OneLife Network. Every user has access to the untapped potential of this new dimension in e-commerce.

What is OneCoin?

In DealShaker’s pricing model, product and service prices are defined in a combination of cash (EUR) + OneCoin (ONE). OneCoin is a cryptography based centralized digital currency, created through mining. Each digital coin is unique just like each banknote is with its serial number. Millions of miners work in the OneLife Community which has made OneCoin one of the world’s most well-known cryptocurrencies.

What is the OneLife Network?

The OneLife Network is a direct-sales company, which provides access to a diverse portfolio of products and services. The aim of OLN is to add individual and social value to its members’ lives through its product and service portfolio, and grant opportunities for both professional and personal development. Currently the OLN has more than 3 million registered members in almost every country in the world and is present in 6 continents.


What the Coinvasion team, as an outsider, thinks:

The OneCoin phenomenon has its haters and lovers, too, in the crypto world, thanks to the fact that most people are underinformed (including the network’s own distributors) and also due to like-hunter articles that are circulated on the web.

The company is in its ICO phase and will go public on October 8th, 2018. Those who want to get to some OneCoins, before it becomes available on the exchanges, and use it as 100% payment in a lot of cases for booking holidays, buying a new car or ordering a 70’ 4K Samsung TV, they can join the OneLifeNetwork to get to their coins. The payment process is not too complicated, and there are several YouTube videos to guide.

There are some people who have looked at this project as a scam. We don’t think their opinion can or will be changed. However, it is at least making you wonder that there are close to 60,000 merchants who accept ONE as a valid currency. Whether the skeptics or those were right who put their trust in OneCoin, it will turn out in October 2018.


Source: https://atozcrypto.org/dealshaker-a-new-platform-of-merchants-reshaping-the-e-commerce-industry/

Zsolt Balló