Nicholas Merten’s insight on crypto-currency odds for April

We, at Coinvasion, follow several news websites, blogs and youtube channels, to keep up with the happenings of the crypto world.

One of the experts we follow is Nicholas Merten. His youtube channel, DataDash comes out with a video every second, third day. One of the most exciting videos of his are the “Top coins to watch” videos in which he shares his views on crypto-currencies in which he sees outstanding potential. He always emphasizes, of course, that it is not investment advice, it’s his personal opinion based on his research and that you should dive into research yourself before making any investment decisions.

However, if you look at the number of his youtube channel followers (at present around 280,000), it’s clear that there must be quite a lot of people who think that Nick’s tips and forecasts very often turn out to be valuable.

We would like to share with you his “Top 3 coins to watch in April” insights.

The first one he talks about it POA Network. POA stands for “Proof of Authority” (explained below). It’s market cap figure is relatively low at the moment, so Nick believes this is a very good opportunity to get it at a lower price. He himself made a long-term investment recently on POA and soon after that Binance listed POA which is a very good sign.

When Nick Merten recommends a coin it always means that he has thoroughly checked the coin’s background and he has found that there is real strategy, real development plans, real potential application areas behind that coin. The same is true for POA. POA’s most powerful feature is the above mentioned Proof of Authority mechanism, which functions as a validator of blocks in the blockchain, it’s an advanced way of validating transactions. There is real demand in crypto-development for that function, therefore it has a real potential. And that suggests that POA will become much more valuable than today.

Another undervalued project Nick Merten highlights is Oyster (PRL). By undervalued he means that, just like in the case of POA, the coin has great, valuable application areas but its market valuation, its market cap figure does not yet reflect that. Oyster’s outstanding feature is its revenue generator code for people who host websites. All you have to do is insert a line of code in your website’s code and with that you make it possible for Oyster to use a little bit of computational power of the devices which visitors who visit your website use. As compensation you earn revenues after the contributed computational power. Nick believes that there is real value in the practicality and originality of this idea.

The third coin Nick Merten highlights is NEO. NEO had a great run-up back in mid-August and in December but has experienced recently what the whole crypto-market has experienced this year so far. Nick firmly believes that NEO has good chance to start a bullish period for the next months. Not only because, as a result of his research, he found that there has been massive development behind NEO, but he can also verify his forecast by looking at the development of NEO’s value recently. As NEO is approaching the 200-day moving average level, Nick recommends keeping an eye on this coin because if it finds support near the 200-day moving average, or even if it goes below that line like it did last November there’s real good chance for a solid bullish period to start for NEO. Nothing is guaranteed but NEO’s value is relatively low enough now for making this coin a good investment opportunity.

That’s all for today’s “top 3 coins to watch” tip. If you want to watch Nicholas Merten’s videos, go to the DataDash youtube channel or click on the source link at the bottom.



Zsolt Balló