Introducing the Wirex VISA Card

We would like to start by underlining that this is not a paid advertisement. We are simply pleased to see that after a long period of struggle, regarding everyday crypto usability, now we have more and more alternative solutions to choose from. We would like to share with you what Wirex offers to its users.

Wirex advertises its Visa card as the world’s only Visa card that makes it possible to convert and spend your crypto-currencies. Its services include conversion of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and XRP. (website here:

Wirex isn’t only presenting its Visa Card as a crypto-converting solution but also wants to beat the competition with the services and fees that they offer for “traditional money” transactions.

This is how they summarize what they offer:

“Traditional money:

·        Use in shops, bars, restaurants and online – or withdraw cash at ATMs anywhere Visa is accepted

·        Choose a GBP, EUR or USD card – or get all three!

·        Enjoy bank-beating exchange rates on transfers, no hidden fees or commission

·        Track your spending and manage your budget in-app, with instant alerts

·        PCI-DSS level 1 certified, 3-D Secure enrolled


·        Connect your card to your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or XRP wallets and spend in them in everyday life

·        Instantly convert Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and XRP to GBP, EUR and USD at live rates

·        Cryptoback™ rewards you with 0.5% in Bitcoin every time you punch in your pin, swipe, or use contactless with your Wirex Visa card in-store”

The card is free. Shipping is also free. Tshere is a monthly card management fee of £1.00/€1.20/$1.50. You will find the detailed list of fees here:

Wirex highlights two additional aspects:

Funding the card: “Add funds to your Wirex account via bank transfer (GBP card only), credit or debit card, payment service or by converting your stored Bitcoin, Litecoin or XRP into GBP, EUR or USD.”

Where can I use it? “Anywhere Visa is accepted. That means online and in shops, bars, restaurants, public transport and ATMs around the world.”

The Wirex Visa card comes with an app, of course, for conveniency. But it offers much more than a usual banking app: “instant currency conversions, money transfers and access to cryptocurrencies – all with significantly lower fees than your bank would charge.”

It’s definitely promising. We are giving it a try and will update you on our first-hand experience. If you want to register click on the link below:


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