The future’s industry

Crowdfunding is still an unknown concept for a lot of people, but not for long now. Due to the growing applicability of the blockchain technology, this industry is going to expand exponentially in the market, and soon there will be a sharp increase in the number of companies with a crowdfunding profile.

The flagship of this market shift is CrowdBridge Global (official website: One of its major segments is crowdfunded real estate purchasing. What it means is that CBG have purchased 2 luxury apartments worth 2,250,000 € in Phuket, and they offer them in purchasable units (with the help of smart contracts). The company divided the real estate into 15,000 units, offering them for 150 € each (15,000x150=2.25M €). The process of purchasing the units takes only a few minutes and they are available for anyone who decide to invest in one or more units.

The first real estate project of the company runs on Ethereum blockchain and the activities can be tracked on under the name BRT1. To date, approximately a quarter of the offered units have been sold, but CBG’s management is already working on BRT2 and BRT3 projects which are likely to be realised this year in the form of purchasing further real estate in locations similarly frequented to the first project. What is ingenious about the blockchain technology is that the data are unmodifiable, unhackable. To purchase units doesn’t take too much time, it doesn’t take a lawyer or a notary and a lot of money to make the contract and to get it countersigned. And you don’t need to have a real estate or its value to be able to become part of an investment that has not been available until now, because of the factors above.

If we look deeper into CBG’s activities, the young company doesn’t only focus on crowdfunding, but also combines industries that are and will be key areas of our digitalized future.

These are the possibilities offered:

- crypto-currencies

- e-commerce

- real estate

- network marketing

Their own token is CBG token, built on Ethereum technology. Contract number:



The e-commerce platform is also completed and is ready for launch for the public.

It will start in November in a few European test countries and will be available globally from January 2019. Online shopping will be enabled for standard payment forms (card, paypal) and for CBG token based payment, as well.

All in all, what the company represents is in accordance with where our digitalized future is heading. We, the Coinvasion team believe that, with the right management, CBG can become very successful in this tokenized new world.

Further information is available in the web office by clicking and registering on the link below:

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