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In our article that we posted 7 months ago, we wrote about the DealShaker e-commerce platform, about the crypto-currency OneCoin and its launch planned for October 8th, 2018. Well, the scheduled launch was postponed, so October did not result in the breakthrough that the OneLife community was looking forward to. The launch was postponed to January 7th 2019.

We found out about the causes of the delay.

The OneCoin ICO that would have taken place in three 3-month-long phases, from January 8th to October 7th 2018 could not be completed because the Sofia Headquarters of the company were raided by police special forces and everything that is vital for the company’s operation was taken by the police (read more here: https://news.bitcoin.com/onecoin-offices-raided-in-sofia-servers-shut-down)

After several months of investigation, all 31 charges were dropped and OneCoin was cleared (read more here: http://ftreporter.com/onecoin-is-no-longer-prosecuted-by-the-german-court)

With the company back on track, the management led by Konstantin Ignatov rescheduled the ICO and the coin launch dates.

The new ICO process started on onecoinico.io on October 8th. It will be carried out in three one-month-long phases.

Round 1: October 8 - November 7, 2018

Round 2: November 8 - December 7, 2018

Round 3: December 8, 2018 - January 7, 2019

For those who did not sympathize with the fact that ONE, the coin, was only available through joining the OneLife network, this it the opportunity to buy OFC tokens (for BTC or for ETH).

As FTreporter.com reports:

“The Panama-based company AHS LatAm S.A., which specializes in investments, consultancy, and management has partnered with OneCoin in the launching of the OFC Bundles Offering. It offers four different types of bundles, available on www.onecoinico.io. Traders and investors can purchase OFC bundles and exchange them for ONE following January 7, 2019. The conversion rate will be 300 OFCs against 1 ONE.

The OFC tokens on www.onecoinico.io are offered in bundles. Each package is called Sirius, Vega, Bellatrix, and Zeta respectively. You can check the bundles on both the homepage and the Dashboard and see their prices and the number of OFCs included.

Notably, buyers have to comply with KYC and KYB policies and provide the necessary documents when they register on the platform. With this step, OneCoin is willing to level up transaction security and user protection.”

The 1.0 version of the network’s own e-commerce site, DealShaker will be replaced by the 2.0 version (demo here) at the beginning of November, 2018, so those who own ONE can browse on the new platform within days. At the moment, DealShaker has 80,000 registered merchants. From November, this number is expected to go up significantly because the new version is supposed to make business registration much easier. As a result, the coin traffic between owners is also expected to go up. In a few days’ time the OneCoin supporting community can start to use the enhanced functionality of the DealShaker platform.

International publications on acknowledged sites about OneCoin going public:







We will continue to keep our eyes on what’s going on in the near future with the world’s most divisive crypto-currency.


Source: http://ftreporter.com/ofc-bundles-offering/

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