The future of payment?

More and more reports and articles refer to Fuzex. Let’s take a closer look at what it promises.



Real-time exchange rates mean that, using Fuzex, you can spend your cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere.


You can quickly and simply select your cryptocurrency, debit, credit, or reward account as your method of payment. How? On the e-paper display of your Fuzex card. We will explain it below.


You can store up to 15 cryptocurrency accounts, 10 credit or debit cards and 5 reward cards all in one Fuzex e-card.


There are three security features:

  • two-factor authentication,
  • loss prevention,
  • and an on-card key code.

This is how your secure payment is guaranteed.


So, what is an e-paper display? It’s an innovative feature that is actually a built-in display on your Fuzex Card. The card basically looks like and has the dimensions of a standard debit card but there is a display integrated into the card. When you want to use your card you can select your cryptocurrency, debit, credit, or reward account as your method of payment, by selecting it on your e-paper display. There are 3 buttons built into the card to help you navigate on your display.

As you probably know, VISA recently announced that they suspended their membership relationship with WaveCrest. Does this affect the Fuzex project? The answer is simply: No, it doesn’t. Fuzex is fully functional.

Fuzex’s token pre-sale (ICO) began on January 16th, and to say thank-you to all of those who contribute to the project they are offering a free FuzeX Card to all Pre-Sale participants. The minimum purchase in the Pre Sale is 5ETH, and contributors as well as receiving their FXT Tokens (+25% Bonus) will also receive a FuzeX Card for every 5ETH contributed, too.

Card sales that are not connected to the token pre-sales will begin in the coming months.

We are not advertising Fuzex, we are simply sharing information so that you can compare it with other current offers from crypto-currency compatible card issuers.

If you are interested in how Fuzex works, check the youtube links below:

FuzeX Card Demo @ Mcdonalds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=55q5z0FXNUo

FuzeX Card & FuzeX Wallet Sending Crypto Demo:



Source: https://www.fuzex.co/

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