Paycent is coming out with a new debit card

The most frequent questions from those who doubt the viability of digital currencies is “How can I use digital currency?” and “Can I use it in my favourite shops?” It’s hard to convince them about the benefits of investing in crypto-currencies. Since VISA’s recent move to suspend its cooperation with WaveCrest, a major issuer of debit cards for use with digital currencies, it has not been very easy to spend Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

Singapore-based Paycent is now in the process of releasing its card aiming to make it easier to use digital currency. It’s an integrated debit card enabling Paycent users to use their digital currency funds instantly.

The new Paycent card might be the solution for day-to-day use of digital currencies.

  • It has no yearly maintenance fees if the card is active and in use.
  • You don’t need to hold Paycent’s own PYN token to get it.
  • A user will pay only one time fees: for card activation and delivery with any digital currency.
  • The card will work at over 36 million points worldwide.
  • There are over 200 countries where you will be able to use your Paycent card.
  • Cardholders will be able to convert any digital currency to fiat in real time and can use it via Paycent card at online and offline stores and cash withdrawal at ATMs globally.

Pre-registration for the card started on January 15. In the first phase 20,000 cards will be delivered. The launch of Paycent’s hybrid wallet and the debit card is scheduled for the first week of March. Registration is available on the Paycent website.

Paycent’s vision is to help users worldwide enter the cashless world. When Bitcoin was created, its original mission was to create a new, independent financial system, eliminating the control of banks. Paycent’s solution might be the one that makes it possible.



Zsolt Balló