The most frequent terms in the crypto world

CryptoLeaks made a crypto vocabulary list. We share it with you below.


FUD – Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Propaganda to lower prices.

FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out.

HODL – Someone spelled HOLD wrong on a forum and since then the misspelled version has become a popular term.

MOONING – Price going up extremely high.

FIAT – Government issued currency, such as the US dollar.

WHALE – Someone who owns lots of crypto.

BULLISH – An expectation that price is going to increase.

BEARISH – An expectation that price is going to decrease.

ATH – All Time High. The highest price a coin has ever been.

MARKET CAP – Total supply x Current Price (or: circulating supply)

ICO – Initial Coin Offering. A type of crowdfunding.

ROI – Return On Investment. This is what you get if you deduct your initial investment from your gains.

COLD STORAGE – Moving crypto-currency offline, storing it in paper wallet or hardware wallet. Cold storage is the most secure way of storing your crypto-currency.

BLOCKCHAIN – Distributed ledgers. Public databases that everyone can access and read but the data can only be updated by the data owners. Data are copied across thousands and thousands of computers (nodes) worldwide.

This is just a short list of phrases that come up practically every day in crypto news. You can’t afford not to know what they mean if you want to enter this new world.




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