New York Times journalist, like many others, admits he failed with his prediction

The number one cryptocurrency is around all-time highs at 17,000 dollars. In the meantime, more and more articles and statements are published by journalists who admit how wrong they were a few years ago when they predicted Bitcoin’s imminent death.

”What happened? Why did so many people – myself included – get Bitcoin so spectacularly wrong?” writes journalist Kevin Roose, who purchased and sold his Bitcoin for $140 years ago.

Roose continues: ”I assumed that the blockchain would eclipse Bitcoin itself”. He was wrong. The same way as he predicted 3 other things in New York Times, back in 2014: „Bitcoin’s future depends on its everyday use”, „Wall Street would stay away” and „Bitcoin’s extreme volatility would be a turn-off.” All 3 proved to be wrong. The blockchain technology is revolutionising global finance right now, and Wall Street is just opening its doors, welcoming Bitcoin.

Although many still warn of a price bubble, even Times admit that what they predicted years ago was wrong, and Bitcoin it is unlikely to „die”. This new tone brings about a sharp change of attitude in the media: now they are defining Bitcoin as an investment asset of genuine value.

And Kevin Roose, like many others who „got rid of” their Bitcoin years ago, has probably done his calculation about how much his former investment would be worth at today’s 120 times higher Bitcoin value…


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