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by the time this article came out, it was over 7,000 dollars. Who is sceptical any more? sat down with Jeffrey Tucker anarcho-capitalist economist to talk about Bitcoin’s future.

Bitcoin’s capitalisation has reached and exceeded 100 billion dollars.

While between 2008 and 2014 it was only a very narrow segment of potential users (mostly IT specialized users) who showed interest in Bitcoin, by now, as founder of Foundation of Economic Education Jeffrey Tucker sees, Bitcoin has reached the point where mainstream investors are showing interest, too.


There are lot of people out there who follow the strategy of waiting until ”the big names”, major investors become interested in Bitcoin. Well, the waiting is over.


And those who have been waiting until now, will buy Bitcoin at a price of over 7,000 dollars (when I’m writing this article, it is already at 7,404 dollars), while, if we go back just one year, those who didn’t wait and decided to trust Bitcoin, bought it for one tenth of today’s price, that is, for 736 dollars). They could sell their Bitcoin now for 7,404 dollars. But who would sell it now when it’s still going up?

Back to the article: according to Jeffrey Tucker, governments feel that Bitcoin’s popularity will direclty lead to governments losing their monopoly of cash issuance. And there is not much governments can do to prevent it. And while government are stuck and desperately looking for a solution, Bitcoin’s capiatlization and popularity is growing at an amazing pace day after day.


Zsolt Balló