So, now you own Bitcoin but you don’t know how to get it from one account to another?

Don’t worry. We are here to help.


Log in to your Coinbase office and to your CryptoGold web office, too. If you don’t have a CryptoGold office, you can open one with a free registration here.

If you have both of your accounts logged in first you have to get to the point on CryptoGold when you have selected your package and you have been informed about the exact sum that you need to transfer from Coinbase. Let’s take a 1,500$ investment example. First, select the 500 $ package.

Enter 3 at the number of the selected packages (and refresh the page). Then click Checkout.

Select Blcoktrail and click Confirm.

This is the step where you need your Coinbase account. First, copy the address carefully. This is the address to which the transfer will go. (When the transfer is completed don’t forget to confirm the transaction at the bottom of the page.)


This is where we copy the exact sum and the address that we got in our CryptoGold account.

If your balance makes the transaction possible (unlike in this example below), the transaction is completed. Having done that, it takes, in 99% of the cases, 1 or 2 hours for the package to get approval in your CryptoGold office and it starts production on the next day. You will see your package here:


We hope you found our guide useful. We wish you successful mining.

Zsolt Balló