You mean it's real?

It is.

A few months ago we wouldn’t have thought it possible to pay in Bitcoin in a restaurant, webshop or anywhere else. Though we knew that it was becoming more and more common to pay in Bitcoin all around the world, but we didn’t know about the simple fact that a Bitcoin-based debit card existed.

There are several cards like that in the market. What does it mean? It means that it is already possible to have a plastic card on which there is no fiat currency. There is only Bitcoin on it.


As you can see, Xapo has existed since March 2014 and more and more people choose this kind of solution instead of traditional debit cards. If it is not completely clear yet for you why it is good to keep some of your money in Bitcoin, we recommend the rest of our short articles to you.

How can you get a card like that? Quite simply. You register on Xapo.com, enter your data as if you were opening a bank account and as soon as that is done the card order function becomes active for you. 2 weeks after placing our order we could already hold it in our hands and we went ahead and tested it right away – successfully! We paid in a restaurant using our xapo card which had nothing else but Bitcoin on it. The payment is, in fact, a Euro transaction (we selected a Euro based card, since we live in Europe, but you can also choose a USD based card). The conversion from BTC (Bitcoin) to Euro is based on the current BTC-EUR exchange rate. If you use this card for payment in a country that accepts Euro, there is 0% transaction cost. If you choose another currency the transaction fee is 3%. Here’s a list with some more details:


It is also possible, via Xapo’s smartphone application, to convert our Bitcoins before the transaction to the currency that we want to use. In that case, the transaction fee is 0%. What you have to consider at this step is that if you convert your Bitcoins to another currency and Bitcoin’s market value increases (it can change significantly in a matter of hours), you miss out on the potential profit.

In our example, we didn’t convert our Bitcoins. We didn’t have to because it is Euro based and we paid in Euro. A  few days later, although we had paid for our dinner using our xapo card, as a result of the increase in Bitcoin’s market value, we had more money than before the restaurant payment.

All in all, we are absolutely pleased with this card. No doubt, Bitcoin is not just the future. It’s our present, too.

We have a short video for you in which Xapo’s CEO, Wences Casares is talking about what he expects from Bitcoin’s value in the long run.


And let me show you the bunker where Xapo keeps and protects their clients’ money:



As of January 5th, 2018, VISA suspended its relationship with WaveCrest. All VISA cards issued by WaveCrest, including the Xapo VISA card that we ourselves have used and recommended in this article, ceased working on January 5th. As soon as we found out about VISA's decision we started our research looking for alternative solutions. We will keep you updated here on coinvasion.com and on our facebook page, as well. For more information, read our article here.

You can read further IMPORTANT information regarding the developments of January 24th, in our article here.

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