Crypto in numbers

A lot of peope don’t even know that Bitcoin exists. A lot of those people who know about it think it’s some game for people who work with computers. Well, it’s not that. Why do we think so?

Let’s see the numbers:

On April 7th 2017, the capitalization of crypto currencies (i.e. the total value) was 28 billion dollars.

On June 7th 2017, the total value was 107 billion dollars.

On August 21st 2017 this number was 147 billion dollars.

And based on the November 15th data:

Just two days later, on November 17th 2017 the market capitalization number reached 227.5 billion dollars. And the institutional investors are waiting at the door to enter this market.


And it took only 3 more days to reach 240 billion dollars on November 20th. More and more people realize that Bitcoin and crypto-currencies are the keys to our future.

November 24, 2017. The price of Bitcoin is at 8,500 $ and the market is at 270 billion $.


Monday, November 27, 2017. We are not far from 10,000 $. The market capitalization value has exceeded 300 billion $. In the past 3 days more than 10 billion $ worth of fiat money flowed into the crypto market per day!


Bitcoin’s exchange rate approached the 10,000-dollar value on several major digital currency exchange today (November 27th 2017). But experts say it’s far from the top of Bitcoin’s potential. If you ask some random people around you what they think of Bitcoin and this crypto phenomenon, the blank expression on most of the faces will tell you how far Bitcoin still is from reaching all the potential users.

Just looking at simple facts of the past 7 months, less than 0.5% of potential users decided to invest in the crypto market the money that they had under their pillows, in not so fruitful bank deposits or in other savings. They pushed the 28-billion-dollar capitalization figure (7 months ago) to 303.5 billion in 7 months.

Imagine when not 0.5% but 5% of all the potential users take action. Or 20 or 30%...

Or more…

Zsolt Balló