About Us

We came together on the summer of 2015 (in the topic of Bitcoin), though, back then it was rather just a spontaneous meeting. After devoting several hours every day for months of thorough research in the mysterious headway of Bitcoin, we had become a coherent team, each of us with the same objective and the same enthusiasm.

Months had passed by the time we finally felt that, building confidently on the results of our analyses, we could take our first steps, to invest not only a few bucks but to make more significant investment.

To start with, we opened several e-wallets (you can read about the seemingly over-secured account opening process in our articles).

We chose two directions: trading and mining. Our objective was to explore and compare the opportunities of trading and mining.

Ever since, we have been building our knowledge base, if we can call that, and after a while, it became obvious that we could not only make use of this knowledge but also share the acquired and processed information and data about the world of Bitcoin. So we decided to build an informative website to make this continually expanding knowledge available for those who are about to take the steps that we took a few years ago.

That’s how COINVASION was born. We wish you to make the most of it.

The Coinvasion Team


Our website, coinvasion.com is a news portal collecting and publishing up-to-date news and information. Our articles and the information on coinvasion.com are not financial or investment advice. The information published on coinvasion.com are based on international and domestic internet publications, data from forum posts and the writer’s personal experience. The writers do their best, by overall research and source confirmation, to make sure that the information published is as accurate as possible, but the writers cannot guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and validity of any information that appears on coinvasion.com.

The writers of the articles published on coinvasion.com do not take responsibility for any damage that derives from inaccurate or false information that appears on coinvasion.com. You are solely responsible for any result deriving from using the information that appears on coinvasion.com.

Before you start trading on any platform, ask an expert for professional financial advice.

There is significant risk in investing your capital any trading activity.